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Authentication for the masses.
Anytime, Anywhere!

Personal privacy, confidential data and intellectual property is compromised daily at both a personal and corporate level. The need for both consumers and manufacturers, as well as government authorities, to be able to authenticate documents, products, and people is a growing requirement.

Using a cell phone or image capture device (e.g. tablet, barcode scanner, or a computer) and using a unique, impossible to clone label affixed to an article, and a secure database, Zortag's authentication solutions prevent product counterfeiting, diversions, overruns, and theft, and thus protect brands and assures integrity of the supply chain.

Zortag's solution is the industry's first and only solution for consumers and businesses providing anyone, anytime, and anywhere in the world the unparalleled power and capability to check on the authenticity of articles. Our solution prevents the counterfeiting of documents, ID cards, currency, and valuable assets, secure access to networks and digital information. Zortag provides advertising and marketing of genuine products in response to authentication requests in real time by simply scanning its "fingerprint"!

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Six Main Embodiments

Authentication & Prevention of Counterfeiting
Secure Access to Digital Assets
Multi-level Information Access
Authenticating Products Online
Supply Chain Blockchain
Secure Access to Cryptocurrencies


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