ZorSecure™ - Authenticate Anytime, Anywhere

Utilizing a unique impossible to clone label affixed to an article of commerce, a secure database, and a smartphone or image capture device, the Zortag authentication / anti-counterfeiting solution protects brands, assures integrity of a brands supply chain and provides for a connection to the user or the consumer.

Zortag has the only solution capable of allowing end customers and supply chain partners the ability to authenticate products by end customers and supply chain partners - anytime, anywhere, without any special reader and for securely tracking, tracing, and authenticating the goods and packages in the supply chain.

Comparison with other solutions

Zortag Others
Cell phone based solution for end customers
Standared barcode/RFID scanner based solution for supply chain partners
Can be implemented easily by any brand
Does not require any special reader or lab analysis

Value proposition for different stakeholders