Zortag’s ZorSecure™ Solutions

Zortag has the only full proof solution capable of authenticating products by brands, users, consumers or supply chain partners anytime, anywhere without any special devices/readers other than a smartphone.

About Us

Zortag provides a unique identity to any item, whether an article of commerce, an entity, or an individual, which is almost impossible to be duplicated, even by Zortag itself. Uniquely identifying an item, authenticating the genuineness of that item, and authorizing who has access to information about that item is a major organizational challenge in today's digital economy. Furthermore, assuring the integrity of goods, people, and information is critical in all business and personal transactions. Our technology has wide applications to this end, including protecting brands from counterfeit products, securing user access, and verifying personal information.

Counterfeiting Challenges

Counterfeiting impacts virtually all products and transactions worldwide, with concomitant dwindling public trust in product and transaction authenticity. Average consumers typically find it difficult to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit products, because their outside appearances look the same. It has been estimated that 5 to 7% of all world trade involves counterfeiting, and such illicit trade not only costs global economies in excess of a trillion dollars each year, but also threatens the lives, health, and safely of consumers.

Counterfeited items span diverse sectors including:

  • Leather bags, perfumes, cosmetics
  • Memory chips, electronics subassemblies and components
  • Cameras, watches, sun glasses
  • Drugs, surgical equipment
  • CDs, DVDs, gambling chips
  • Currency, bank documents
  • Cloths, shoes, accessories
  • Wines, food packages
  • Computers, televisions
  • Automobile and aircraft components
  • Passports, visas, driver licenses

Current Anti-Counterfeiting Approaches

Typical methods to identify and authenticate rely on the tags or labels that are affixed to a product. Identification features may include barcode, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), serial numbers, magnetic stripes such as on ID cards or credit cards, holograms etc. Most of these identification features, however, can be easily duplicated by counterfeiters. For example, a barcode or RFID can be easily duplicated or copied, the hologram can be back engineered, and the magnetic strips code can be easily read and reused. Most of the current authentication technologies are generic and any generic technology can be copied, duplicated, or reverse engineered.

Current technologies do not provide a comprehensive solution and have severe limitations

Zortag Solution

Zortag's ZorSecure™ system is comprised of tags with a unique 3-dimensional optical fingerprint, making it impossible for anyone to replicate them. Even Zortag itself is unable to recreate an identical tag. Zortag's anti-counterfeiting solution ZorSecure™ prevents product counterfeiting, diversion, overruns, and thefts and thus protects brands and assures integrity of the supply chain. Key features of our solution include:

  • Seamless integration into any supply chain
  • Cell phone or CCD device and a secure database provides secure authentication anytime, anywhere for consumers
  • Secure track-n-trace in supply chain
  • Notification to brand owners and law enforcement agencies

No other known method or system to prevent counterfeiting is capable of doing this


Our team comprises of highly talented individuals in technology, marketing, manufacturing and software, who can be your trusted advisors to protect your brand and assets and your entire distribution chain.

Dr. Jerome Swartz


Anil Kapoor


Dr. Satya P. Sharma

President and CEO

Dr. Joseph Marino

Chief Technology Officer

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Worldwide Operations

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Director of Marketing

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Customer Services

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Worldwide Sales

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Business Anaylst

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