The authenticity of parts within the aerospace market and the authenticity of maintenance technicians performing various functions and repairs or replacements may well be an issue that Zortag can serve. Tracking and authentication parts and materials is well within our capabilities and we are more than able to stop diversions and the use of used or redistributed parts. An additional issue is the requirement that only certified mechanics and inspectors have access to secure materials and maintenance records.


The placement of a ZorID™ label onto high value parts or high value tools that when scanned can be associated to a specific aircraft or released to authorized technicians are just a couple of the applications our technology enables. By downloading our ZorSecure™ mobile app through your enterprise mobile management software, all associates can use our authentication solution via their mobile devices thus extending the security and management of high valued assets. Additionally, through our ZorConnect solution, we are able to authorize access to workers, and supply directed activities specifically to that worker, by simply having them read a designated ZorID™ label.

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