Art, Heritage, Sports Memorabilia, Coins and Collectibles


Theft, forgery, and illicit trading of valuable antiquities, artworks, and artifacts are a matter of increasing concern worldwide. To enhance the authenticity of expensive art and protection of heritage assets, there is a growing need to streamline the accountability processes and gain assurance of authenticity while tracking artifact movement and trading of art pieces.


Our ZorSecure™ solution involves tagging artifacts and art objects with ZorID™ tags that contain unique security finger-prints. A non-lift ZorID™ is affixed to the back of the painting or artifact and can be authenticated in real-time. This ensures the security of an individual item that an individual may acquire or the entire inventory system. With minimum manual intervention, the system provides an electronic record tracking the artifact movement that interfaces with the inventory system. This means that the movement and actual location of artifacts are updated instantaneously on the ZorSecure™ Cloud Dashboard. When tagging various high value art and collectibles, be sure that the item is authentic is only a part of the effort. Being able to read a tag and based on your security clearance or level and then be provided unique and informative information about the item as either a seller or buyer is not available today using nothing more than a smartphone. Being able to parse information about an item to a secure user inexpensively and effectively is now available. In addition our tag enables all branches of law enforcement to authenticate anytime and anywhere.

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