Diplomas & Certificates


One of the largest counterfeiting markets is that of fake Diplomas. The number of internet outlets selling counterfeit diplomas and Certificates of Authenticity has reached staggering proportions. The brand value of a school or university is as important than the brand value a global consumer products company. Many companies and multinational organizations are now requiring an authenticated copy of an applicant, transferee or students diploma to receive a job offer, acquire an entry Visa, or even access to numerous countries. The process to acquire a duplicate diploma is cumbersome, costly and time consuming.


By placing a secure and machine readable ZorID™ label onto the original document, anyone, anywhere may read the label to authenticate an individuals academic credentials or determine the authenticity of achievement. The amount of time and expense savings available for streamlining this process for employers, universities, third party placement services and consumers is staggering.

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