Financial, Credit Card and Block Chain


With the new Chip and Pin implementation, most all credit cards are being shipped to consumers already activated. By placing a ZorID™ tag on the card and the mailer, upon receipt at the home requiring the user to scan the card thus “connecting the card to the mobile devise which intern is time, date and location stamped. By collecting and associating the phone to the tag and then activating the tag, any chance of fraud is eliminated and authentication at time of purchase is enabled. By placing a ZorID™ tag onto the card and mailer, the issuing agency can require the user to scan the card with their mobile device which intern is then time, date and location stamped. By collecting and associating the phone to the ZorID™ tag, the chance of Card Not Present (CNP) transactions occurring is eliminated as each purchase is authenticated. Currency denominations and financial documents have covert security features (watermarks, security thread, optically variable ink, etc.) which require human intervention for detection and authentication. This leaves a window for human error. Feature checking requires either diverse equipment or continued awareness campaigns and knowledge retention by the masses to ascertain the presence/absence of these features. Every time a new feature is introduced, a new awareness program is needed. These programs are never totally effective.


Our ZorSecure™ technology can safeguard credit cards and even currency for Central Bank clients throughout the world. Our ZorID™ fingerprint cannot be duplicated and therefore will remain effective for a long time. It requires no special skills or specialized reader other than a smartphone by a consumer for authentication. Our solution is also applicable to vending machines, and teller assisted or Central Bank sorting.

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