Healthcare & Patient Discharge


As our population ages, more and more people are visiting our hospitals and healthcare facilities and more and more information is being accumulated about each of us that needs conveyed securely to those that care for us. The greatest issue associated with this information is that it remain private but yet supplied securely to those individuals that are providing our ongoing care. Many times this is not family but nursing homes, physical therapists, friends or relatives. Developing a platform and solution that allows only those people needing to know the information access to it, has been an issue. Additionally, based on the growth of the patient community, the patient to doctor ratio has grown and better systems are needed to continue the exchange of secure and accurate information to the right people and entities.


With Zortag’s iSecure Patient Discharge solution, a patient leaving a healthcare facility can be given a form or a card with a ZorID™ label that contains all of the secure information about the patient and there follow on care information. By reading our secure label, the patient is now connected directly to the hospital network, their doctor and all of the valuable information pertaining to their issues and condition.

By providing and keeping this labeled card on your person, each of us now have a secure mobile medical ID that if we are in an accident or have an incident, the EMS worker need only scan your label to learn your basic medical information. Simultaneously, your designated physician and family members are notified immediately of your location and possible condition.

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