Luxury Brands


The highly profitable trade of counterfeit products or diverted original products has been increasingly facilitated over the last few years, e.g. by on-line market places such as eBay and others. Counterfeiting in the fashion and luxury product industry causes lost business, damage to brand reputation, and impacts consumer confidence.


Zortag's ZorSecure™ solution makes the imitation or modification of original products unattractive to counterfeiters. A simple and unequivocal identification of the original is possible by the consumer at any place and at any time. In addition to authentication by consumers before or after buying, warranty and guarantee cards with Zortag technology affixed or embedded on the cards and packaging assures that the product is authentic. Our solution is highly attractive for all luxury products such as watches, handbags, and writing instruments, and can assure the integrity of such product lines that are produced, assembled, and packaged at outsourced locations.

Once the ZorID™ tag is scanned, brands have the immediate opportunity to engage the consumer and once a purchase is made, enroll the consumer into the brands loyalty program and register the products warranty. Keeping a CoC (Chain of Custody) record offers both the consumer and brand a valued connection.

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