The pharmaceutical industry is facing significant challenges in its ability to combat counterfeiting amidst the complexity of globally integrated supply chains. Security solutions currently available use serial numbers, holograms, and barcodes that are effortlessly duplicated in the supply chain. Pharmaceutical companies need to build intelligence into the supply chain to prevent breaches right from the point-of-origin to point-of-use. Particularly affected are high-value medications and so-called lifestyle drugs. It is estimated that in emerging economies, drug counterfeiting may account for 20 – 30% of all drugs sold.


  • Product and Packaging once labeled with a ZorID™tag can be authenticated by the consumer using any mobile device, anytime, anywhere
  • Seamlessly integrates to secure the supply chain
  • Prevents counterfeiting, diversions, overruns, and theft of drugs
  • Provides consumers the assurance they are receiving and purchasing Authenticate drugs and medical products.