Secure Supply Chain & Blockchain


People increasingly expect more from the logistics sector as the quantity of mail order goods being shipped rises. Besides providing secure transport methods which prevent unauthorized access to goods, it is essential to reliably track the distribution of brand products on an individual package basis while distinguishing between originals and counterfeits and also identifying grey market goods. In addition, those sellers shipping high value authentic product want to know that the original product was received by the right buyer.


Zortag combines the interests of logistics companies that today mostly self insure the value of a shipment or item but have no process to assure that ONLY the authorized buyer receives a high value item and then confirms receipt and acceptance of delivery to the seller. By placing a ZorID™ label onto a product, the seller can require that the buyer scan the ZorID™ label and then confirm the acceptance of the shipment and the authenticity and the acceptance of the product shipped. This patented counterfeit protection and cross-geographical traceability is a capability that will help reduce brand and seller liability while connecting the seller directly with the buyer.